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Pre-order Book 2 in the Comyenti Series today!

It’s finally here: the pre-order of Children Of The Sun! Release date October 13th, but available to pre-order on Amazon to be sure to get yours that day! It’s my birthday so the perfect gift from me to you (:



If you enjoyed Call Off The Search: Return to the world of the last two comyentis: Sula and Shazar and their offspring, their continuing struggles and read what happened after the shocking cliff-hanger of book 1, Call Off The Search.

Feline is still missing after her quest to confront Shazar to learn more about the mysterious Heartmerge and Sula and Felix are desperately looking for her. Will they ever find out the truth about what really happened to her and Shazar’s involvement?

When twenty years later Shazar’s human mate, Ashanna, abruptly dies he sets off to visit and reconnect with Sula. He is closely followed by Twello, his adopted human son who has his own secrets. When they enter Rosinhill they soon discover that Shazar’s iniquitous plan from twenty years ago has worked: Sula has born him a son: Aigle. And with him new hope arises and a new different future for the comyentis is about to begin…

Strenuous relationships follow with Shazar’s and Twello’s arrival which threaten the life Sula has built for Felix, herself and their children. And that is not all: there is a new danger; much worse than Shazar and one that is about to engulf the comyentis and with that their new hope.

Who are these strange shape shifting creatures and what do they want from Sula and her children? Can they stop them before it’s too late?

Who are the comyentis really, where do they come from, why are they on Bhan and what is their connection with their new found enemy?

Read Children Of The Sun, a thrilling story of secrets, family drama and fantasy adventure. 

Pre-order here:

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New Cover-New Promo for Fantasy CALL OFF THE SEARCH

Special Promo of 99 c/77 p until book 2 in this series comes out. Grab it while you can. It’s free if you buy the paperback. Can it get any better than this (;


COTSCOVERNEW13rd edition, revised and edited by B&M.Jackson and K.Johnson

“A fantasy novel that boldly goes where most works in the genre dare not tread.” Amazon Customer

“Not only a brilliantly written fantasy but I loved how there were interesting views added throughout that make you think. The ending – love a good hook that intrigues you for book number 2!” Amazon Reviewer

The comyentis are different; beautiful and mysterious, possessing powers of which humans can only dream. And for this, they are hated, persecuted. For millennia, humanity has murdered and enslaved the peaceful comyentis wherever they find them. Jealous of their ability to merge their minds with animals to use their powers, to empathise with other beings on a deep spiritual level and even hear their thoughts, they seek out and destroy them.

Now the half-breed Sula, one of the last of her kind, lives in hiding. With not just her own life but her whole species’ held precariously within her hands, she feels the weight of her responsibility. As loneliness and alienation slowly engulf her, an attractive young human enters her world and she is torn. Should Sula trust him? Can she afford not to? Will she be able to overcome her aversion to humans to save her species from extinction? A life as a wandering hermit, or risk everything for love?

Sula’s life becomes further complicated when she meets another comyenti and is forced to make a decision. Follow her head or her heart?

‘Call Off The Search’, Book One of the Comyenti Saga, follows Sula as she fights for her family, her hopes, her freedom and the very existence of her species.

Editorial reviews: “A gripping psychological drama on the inherent greed and evil of man, dooming the planet but also the realistic struggle of one woman stuck between two worlds.”

“A well-paced, interesting fantasy story with a female lead who is strong, not necessarily in a physical/aggressive man’s definition of strong, but is able to deal with difficult situations intelligently, without resorting to violence. A refreshing change.”–Simon Wheeler, author of Happy Juice

“The author combines magic and mythology with aplomb while providing us with a unique allegory with its own distinct dialogue”–John R. Dizon, author

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Lesbian Focal Book List: Fantasy (inclusive of sci-fi, speculative, etc.)

Great list!

Queerly Reading Fantasy and the Dark Side of Things

Michael Whelan - Dragons et cavaliers (1)Fantasy fiction, inclusive of all aspects, tends to be shoved in the corner, placed on the odd shelf in the bookstore corner, maligned, over-looked, marginalized and so forth.  Books written by women, very often, suffer the same fate.  Books written by openly lesbian authors tend to be subsumed within the categories of “women authors,” “lgbtq,” or hidden away, promoted via word of mouth, social media, and the like.   I compiled a list, soon to become more of a searchable database, of works by lesbian and lesbian friendly authors of fantasy works.   The list, thus far 26 pages, includes some short stories, very obscure writers from the earlier part of the last century, does have a few fantasy works that may be a tad romance inclined, and for the most part, does not include many more recent works.   Part of the rationale for not including more recent works…

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