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Yummy Dairy and Egg-free Courgette Cake! (yes, it’s vegan and allergy free)


Today I’ve made this yummy cake with no milk (not even dairy free milk) and no eggs with my two year old daughter. It was her first try at baking!

If you are like us (we have a allotment, but courgettes are easy to grow everywhere even on a balcony in pots) and it’s raining courgettes this is for you! For most people who don’t want to eat courgettes everyday and you can’t eat them quick enough before more are ready to come off then this cake is an excellent way to use them! Grate them and mix ‘um up in a cake! One of your five a day! (-:

But what I also liked about this cake that no milk, dairy or non- dairy was needed and of course no eggs. Instead bananas, also one of your five a day!

Shopping list:

  • Grated courgettes 500 g
  • 2 mashed up ripe bananas
  • Margarine 240 g
  • Organic self-raising flour 360 g
  • Caster sugar 350 g
  • salt-one teaspoon
  • Cinnamon-one teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract-one teaspoon
  • Ground almonds-two teaspoons
  • Raisins-one cup (optional)

I’ve grated the courgettes, mashed up the banana’s, margarine and vanilla in a large bowl and added all the dry ingredients to the wet and my daughter mixed it all together (one third ended up on the floor and she was tasting everything, even eating raw courgette bits but it’s all exploring).

Ones done we’ve poured it into a greased tin and baked it for approximately 30 minutes until completely set (check with a wooden skewer if dry inside, if not a little longer).

Leave to cool on a cooling rack.

Taste test: very yummy for kids and adults alike!

Try it out for yourself and let me know if you liked it?

Bon appetit!

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Update stories I’m working on and what’s next!

Hey folks, just to give you an update why I haven’t been putting new posts on for a while.
I have been writing. (-:

At the moment I’m working on two stories simultaneously which is awkward as I’ve never done that before but it seems to work! I am a super multi-tasker after all!

Book 2 in the Comyenti Series, Children Of The Sun is at the editor and is worked on as we speak and should be out late summer, early autumn if all goes well.

Synopsis: Return to the world of the last two comyentis, Sula and Shazar and their offspring, their continuing struggles and read what happened after the shocking cliffhanger of book 1, Call Off The Search.

Feline is still missing after her quest to confront Shazar to learn more about the mysterious Heartmerge and Sula Comyenti and Felix Rosinhill are desperately looking for her. Will they find out the truth about what really happened and Shazar’s involvement with Feline’s disappearance? When twenty years later Shazar’s partner, Ashanna, abruptly dies he sets off to reconnect with Sula. He is closely followed by Twello, his adopted human son who has his own secrets. When they enter Rosinhill they soon learn that Shazar’s plan from twenty years ago worked: Aigle, son of the sun is the result of the brief encounter between Sula and Shazar and with their son new hope rises and a new promising future for the comyentis is about to begin…

But strenuous relationships follow with Shazar’s and Twello’s arrival and threaten the life Sula has built for herself, Felix and their children. However a new terror, much worse than Shazar or anything they had ever encountered before, is about to engulf them. Who are these strange creatures and what do they want from Sula and her children? Can Felix’s new weapon stop them, can any comyenti? New questions soon arise: who are the comyentis really, where do they come from, why are they on Bhan and what is their connection with their new found enemy?

Read Children Of The Sun, a thrilling story of secrets, family drama and fantasy.

To catch up on this paranormal superhero series Book 1, Call Off The Search is still available for a bargain price on both Kindle and in Paperback until book 2 comes out so here’s your change. I’ve created one url link for the book so if you click on it it will go to the book link on the amazon of your country wherever you live!
Try it out:

Next to publish is this story also in the Comyenti Series, but can be read, just like Chained Freedom, as a stand alone story.

Working title: City Of Dreams:

Aigle Comyenti is travelling home to be on time for his sister’s wedding but when in the woods he hears the last notes of an enchanting tune, he makes a naive decision. He shall have the song. However the musician, on her way to an art festival to perform, teaches him not only the melody but also steals his trusty pendant: the coppery piece given to him by his real father. The jewellery, worthless to the girl is immensely valuable to Aigle and his dying kind. For it is not only the last reminder of his people but could also be the very key to their unknown past and origin…

The young dark handsome traveller has no other choice than to follow the girl, but where she is going Aigle is reluctant to set foot. It is a human city. A place crammed with humans: the comyentis’ number one enemy and where the danger of discovery lies high.

What Aigle discovers within the walls of the city of Traumermoure is beyond he could have ever imagined. Not only is the girl he followed there been put in a deep sleep from which she cannot wake but all of its inhabitants may face the same fate.
Can Aigle, who has powers beyond men’s understanding, be bothered? Will he risk everything that is at stake for one human girl he hardly knows?

What follows is something between waking and sleeping. A place where Sleepers and Caretakers rule and where the very brinks of reality are being questioned. And who is the person responsible for all of this and…why?

And…I’m also writing another story which actually started as a collaboration between other women lgbt writers. The idea came from Jill Huckelberry who wrote the amazing lgbt novel, Finding Eve (check it out on Amazon) but as there was not much interest or perhaps considered too daunting with her permission I can now continue finishing it and make it into a book ! She might still chip in here and now with some idea’s.It will be called Sky Whisperers and will be a true magical Fantasy LGBT story in every sense of it. If you remember the Windchildren from my debut The Queen’s Curse, you might like it!

Well that was it…for now. Speak to you all soon. Any questions let me know.

Love, Natasja 

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