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NEW BOOK RELEASE link and cover reveal!!!

I’m happy to announce I have a new book coming out!

Title: ‘Somewhere in Between’  an Intersex non-binary genderqueer Fantasy Romance


It’s a short story of about 15k words and already ready for pre-order and will be released on November 30th! Plus it has added bonus material inside! Check it out!


It will automatically upload and appear on your Kindle App on any device of your chose in 3 day’s time. (:

Here is the blurb:

For Yarden, who never seemed to fit in, life was never easy. Born with both male and female gender traits they never truly belonged to either sex, or wanted to conform just to be able to “fit in”. Living and working as a travelling artist, Yarden tries to avoid the masses as much as possible.
One day, Jalmaz appears and Yarden’s world gets turned upside-down. Who is this mysterious, beautiful woman who, after entering the workshop, and soon Yarden’s heart, buys a sculpture, but is never to be seen again?
And then, out of nowhere, Jolaz turns up, very similar to Jalmaz, though seems to be male.

Is he her twin? What has he done to Jalmaz and why?

Can Yarden, despite their own non-binary gender and fluid appearance, ever accept their strange new love interest, who they after all, have so much in common with?
Do we only allow ourselves to fall in love with someone because the gender is “suitable”, or can we love someone romantically despite of it? Can we truly love someone for who they are, body and soul?
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Stand-alone story

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