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When Commander Tirsa Lathabris finds out about her younger brother’s death sentence she is determined to face the mysterious Queen Artride who is as much feared for her immoral actions as she is admired for her beauty.
But Tirsa’s attack has an unexpected outcome. Instead of being imprisoned she is chosen to be Artride’s only bodyguard on a perilous mission.
Their country and its law-system, she soon learns, is cursed.

However, there might be one person powerful enough to be able to lift the terrible curse, but this sorceress is said to live somewhere deep within Dochas; the strange uncharted Magical Land from where no one returns . . .
The two women set out on their quest and are soon drawn to each other, but can their love ever be?
Will they find this sorceress, and if so will she actually be willing to help them? For what price? And will they be back in time to save Tirsa’s brother?

Enter the world that is ‘The Queen’s Curse’ and cling to Artride and Tirsa to experience a mind-blowing, heart gripping, psychological fantasy adventure where nothing is certain. 

“This story is filled with relatable, realistic characters with flaws that bring them to life on the page. All the characters had their pitfalls as well as redeeming qualities. I found myself so lost in the story, that the words became invisible on the page.” 
– Bestselling Paranormal Author Lilian Roberts 

“A well-constructed sword-and-sorcery novel. It’s a worthy read for mature audiences, and fantasy buffs will find this book an enjoyable addition to their collection.”

– Bestselling Author John Dizon 

“It’s vibrant with wonder, has excellent fast paced dialog and strong female roles. Over all this is a fantastic first novel.” 
– Jennifer V. Clancy, Author 

“Hellenthal has mastered the epic and her characters grow as the story unfolds with rare humanity. For a first book, the author succeeds exceptionally well in setting a serious tone with epic scope. Her fantastical elements and her characters romp around in their internally consistent other world on a magical quest that intrigues and inspires while laying bare the depths of her characters’ emotions.” 
– Michael James Gallagher, Author 

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When one day cripple and half-blind Nemsa meets the alluring Xenthia, a mystifying Sky Whisperer, it becomes clear that her path lies far above and beyond all she is familiar with.
But, even with her true heritage revealed, how can her destiny be linked with that of the much older, immortal Sky Whisperer she grows fonder of by the day? What is expected of her? More so–how can frail Nemsa ever hope to stand up against the supremacy of a vengeful, ambitious Sun Whisperer?
Will the courage in her heart be enough?

Magic is at work, a fatal sickness is spreading among mortals and immortals alike, the sun is brutally beating down, and the fate of all hangs in the balance. And if Nemsa is to fulfil her destiny and save the world, she must find her way through it all . . .

Follow Nemsa and Xenthia in this Epic, Hopepunk, YA Interracial Lesbian Fantasy tale of courage, true love, redemption, and hope.

“SkyWhisperers by Natasja Hellenthal is really quite an original and unique story. What an adventure this book turned out to be!” ~ The Romantic Reader Blog

“A sparkling compelling story. It was original, inventive and very well written. There was a budding love story, jealousy, greed and power. All of this were captured in this story. I loved how the story unfolded, it was sometimes heart pounding. I can sincerely say it held me spellbound.” ~ Loek

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One woman is torn between two worlds… Can she make peace with her enemy, holding the key to her only chance of saving her mind-merging species from total annihilation?

The halfling Sula – one of the last survivors of her kind – lives in hiding, searching for others. With not just her own life but her whole species’ held precariously within her hands, she feels the weight of her responsibility.

As loneliness and alienation slowly engulf her she meets a young human farmer, Felix. Should Sula trust him? Can she afford not to? But moreover, will she be able to overcome her aversion to humans to save her species? Will she be able to stay true to herself and who she is?
Sula’s life becomes further complicated when she grows closer to Feline, Felix’s twin sister. And when she meets the only other last comyenti she is forced to make a difficult decision.

‘Call Off The Search’, Book One in the supernatural fantasy Comyenti Series, follows Sula as she fights for her family, her female lover, her hopes, her freedom and the very existence of her species.
The dramatic sequel, ‘Children Of The Sun’ is also out on e-book and in paperback.
Also look out for ‘The Comyenti Series Book Bundle’ which contains the two first full length books at a special price.

*“I have read more fantasy books where shapeshifters are portrayed, but this is the first book that I’ve come across that dealt with a unique way of merging minds to gain animals skills without having to change shapes!” ~ Book Girl

*“Not only a brilliantly written fantasy but I loved how there were interesting views added throughout that make you think. The ending – love a good hook that intrigues you for book number 2!” ~ Devika Fernando, author

*“A well-paced, interesting fantasy story with a female lead who is strong, not necessarily in a physical/aggressive man’s definition of strong, but is able to deal with difficult situations intelligently, without resorting to violence. A refreshing change.” ~ Simon Wheeler, author of Happy Juice

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Return to the world of the last two comyentis: Shazar, Sula and her offspring, and read what happened after the shocking cliff-hanger of book 1, ‘Call Off The Search’.
Halfling Sula, who has supernatural powers to merge her mind with animals and assume their abilities, is torn. Feline is still missing after her personal quest to confront the other last comyenti: bigoted Shazar to learn more about the mysterious Heartmerge. She and Felix are desperately looking for her, but will they ever find out the truth about what really happened?

Twenty years later, powerful but milder Shazar, seems to be getting his own fair share of misery when his human mate, Ashanna, abruptly dies. He sets off to visit and reconnect with Sula. However, he is closely followed by Twello, his adopted human son who has his own secrets.
New hope arises and a new, different future for the comyentis is about to begin . . .
But as tension rises with the arrival of the two men in Rosinhill, a new danger enters their lives; much worse than Shazar could ever be. One that is about to engulf the comyentis and with that their new legacy.

Who are the comyentis really, where do they come from, why are they on Bhan and what is their connection with their new found enemy?

Read ‘Children Of The Sun’, the darker, dramatic sequel to ‘Call Off The Search’, and enter a world of secrets, family drama and fantasy adventure.

‘The Comyenti Series Book Bundle Volume 1 and 2’ is also available at a reduced price.

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Chained Freedom Coverfinal1

Tana Woodwolf wakes to find herself trapped within a strange land. She learns quickly from the faces of the others that this is no paradise she has been transported to; it is a prison.

Unable to escape, Tana soon discovers that a dark and malignant force is dragging the other prisoners, one-by-one, to unreachable higher rooms of the tower from which they never return. Unwilling to wait for her pending doom, she is desperate to find a way out.

If she is to ever escape then she will need to use all the guile and strength she has within her. Does one of the others hold the key? Or is it something else within the prison that she needs to study?
As the darkness comes nearer, a strange voice whispers;”Look and be free… You have to let go of what you know.”

Should she trust the voice? Should she trust the others? Does she even have a choice?
As despair and terror closes in around them all, only one person can discover the truth and save them…

“A short yet powerful paranormal mystery/fantasy.” Amazon Customer

“Great book that really got my brain spinning on the nature of freedom.” Amazon Reviewer  

Note from the author: This is a stand alone story that is technically set in between ‘Call Off The Search’ Book One and ‘Children Of The Sun’ Book Two in the Comyenti Series, but can be read and enjoyed separately.

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Aigle Comyenti hears the last notes of an alluring tune and it is clear to him. He MUST have that song. Mallory, the musician, not only teaches him the melody, but also steals his trusty pendant: the coppery piece given to him by his real father. The jewelry, worthless to the young woman is immensely valuable to Aigle and his near-extinct kind; the empathetic mindmerging comyentis.
He has no other choice than to follow her, but where she is going, he is reluctant to set foot. It is a city crammed with the comyentis’ number one enemy: humans.

What Aigle finds next within the walls of the city of Traumermoure is beyond what he could ever have dreamed up.
Should Aigle, who has powers beyond men’s understanding, and is at high risk for discovery and annihilation, care? Will he risk everything that is at stake for one human he hardly knows?
For to wake Mallory up from her deep sleep, he must enter her dreams . . .

‘City of Dreams’ is a YA stand-alone fantasy novella (a spin-off from THE COMYENTI SERIES) that captures the enchantment of the world of art and dreams, and the power of friendship and hope. 

“This is a brilliantly woven fantasy that will leave you thinking about the ending long past the last turn of the page. She raises many interesting points about the origins of art which will have you analysing the story.The characters are enchanting, the setting brilliantly visual and the author’s talents to keep your eyes glued to the page are mind-blowing. Loved it!
” –Anari 

“The insight, humor, drama, and extremely interesting characters in this book combined to make it a very enjoyable read.” 
–Terry W. Sprouse 

“Ms. Hellenthal’s story reminds us that perhaps what we dream of, is not always the answer to heart’s true desire . . .Captivating!” 

–Nancy Ellen 

Excerpt: “Have you ever wondered where stories come from? Where are paintings, sculptures and poetry, prose born? In the artist’s subconscious mind? Dreams? How come some writers and painters roughly have the same idea and come up with similar creations, even though they’ve never read or seen anything by the other or communicated it in any way? Is there such a thing as a ‘Well of Art’ that all artists drink from to be inspired? And if so, how is this accomplished? Whilst asleep? Dreaming? Where is art born?”

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Seventeen-year-old Fay Comyenti has it all: lots of freedom, great parents, a budding romance, and super animal abilities most teenagers can only dream of. Only, those powers have to be kept a secret in order for her kind to stay safe. After being rejected by her love interest, Elodyn, Fay leaves her village to do some good with her skills in the world despite the concerns of her comyenti mother and human father. Even so, she is determined to use her powers to help animals in need, but that’s not always easy without anyone seeing you . . .

Zemandu, the last of the tracar people has been following Fay from a distance for a good reason. The demoness is dying. Attracted by the girl’s altruistic mission, her abilities and her benevolent energy she sees Fay as her last hope.
When Fay and Zemandu — two powerful women of a very different nature, yet both the last of their kind — cross paths, they’ll forever change the course of humanity, but at what cost?

Will Fay risk losing her heart and her innate empathy to the demoness — the very characteristics what makes her a comyenti in the first place —without jeopardising her vital mission?

Follow Fay and Zemandu in this animal-loving, suspenseful dramatic YA novel which is a full stand alone spin-off novel from the popular Comyenti Series.

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For Yarden, who never seemed to fit in, life was never easy. Born with both male and female gender traits they never truly belonged to either sex, or wanted to conform just to be able to “fit in”. Living and working as a travelling artist, Yarden tries to avoid the masses as much as possible.
              One day, Jalmaz appears and the artists’ world gets turned upside-down. Who is this mysterious, beautiful woman who, after entering the workshop, and soon Yarden’s heart, buys a sculpture, but is never to be seen again?
And then, out of nowhere, Jolaz turns up, very similar to Jalmaz, though seems to be male . . .
Is he her twin? What has he done to Jalmaz and why?
               Can Yarden, despite their own non-binary gender and fluid appearance, ever accept their strange new love interest, who they after all, have so much in common with?
             Do we only allow ourselves to fall in love with someone because the gender is “suitable”, or can we love someone romantically despite of it? Can we truly love someone for who they are, body and soul?

Read ‘Somewhere in Between’ an original genderbending story that will speak to most readers; straight, genderqueer, transgender, lesbian, gay, non-binary, pansexual and cisgender alike.

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Lesbian Mythology Romance Series (stand-alone novels):


When beautiful but lonely Iras of the Bear tribe sees a bright star in the night sky she soon disappears without a trail. Aponi, a Pawnee outcast, comes across the clan and hears about Iras’ mysterious vanishing. She decides to start an investigation of her own. Her search takes her up the mountain where an old woman gives her clues. But will Aponi succeed to rescue Iras? Moreover, can she trick the mysterious Starman who holds Iras captive?

“The Taken is a twist on a Native American Tsimshian myth that originally attempted to explain the reason for the variability of color in the stars.
In Hellenthal’s version, two women take the lead roles and the story becomes one about self-love and tribal acceptance, or non-acceptance as the case may be. Iras is a strong character that lives by her own truth when she is taken captive by a Starman and is then turned into a warning for her tribe of what happens to a strong-willed woman that breaks from tradition. Aponi, a brave heart from a separate tribe, is the warrior that saves her.” 

This is the second stand-alone story in the Lesbian Romance Mythology Series. Previously published as ‘Fallen Stars’ this story has since been expanded, renamed, and is now available as ‘The Taken’. In total there will be about 15 stories covering lesser known myths all around the world from various cultures, retelling and reshaping them, and giving them a unique, (young) adult lesbian twist. Book One in the series is ‘The Cursed’, a lesbian twist on an Irish myth, Lir’s Children. Collect them all!

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Fionnuala and her brothers lead a magical, carefree life in the emerald Tuatha kingdom of Lir in ancient Ireland. But when their mother dies their world is turned upside down. Fionnuala, old enough to leave and marry, takes it upon herself to care for her younger brothers. But then little Conn falls ill.
When Aoife with her dark crimson hair, the bluest eyes, and uplifting spirit arrives to heal him, they all fall for her; Fionnuala the most. Yet, somehow it is her father Aoife chooses to marry. . . Feeling betrayed and hurt the princess has great trouble accepting this, but she doesn’t know the real reason why Aoife agreed on marrying the king. Will the two women find a way to be together, or is a jealous king going to stop them?

Suspenseful, romantic and seeped in Irish myth and magic, ‘The Cursed’ captures a dramatic (young) adult lesbian-fairytale twist on ‘Lir’s Children’ and the power of love, hope and patience.

This is the first stand-alone story in The Lesbian Romance Mytholgy Series that covers lesser known myths from all around the world, retelling and reshaping them, and giving them lesbian twists. ‘The Taken’ is the second book available on Amazon. In total there will be around 15 books. Collect them all!

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Throughout history people have sought after ways to gain immortality.
            Some would stop at nothing to find and achieve this.
               For the body to remain young and never to die . . .
                         Who, after all, wouldn’t want that?

Not Xian, who became immortal overnight after having mistakenly drunken an Elixir of Life, in ancient China. In fact, it is the last thing she could have wished for! After all, she has lost both her parents and her younger sister in a terrible accident. Ever since she is heartbroken and riddled with guilt. Why should she want to extend her suffering by living longer than necessary, let alone live forever?

Alas, as much as she tries to end her life, she finds time and again, she cannot. Her body is invincible and healthier than ever. A thousand years of searching for an antidote leads to nothing, including locating the mysterious Eight Immortals: legendary god-like beings who possess the secrets of nature.
One day she receives an optimistic clue: The Eight are about to gather to celebrate the Queen Mother, Xi Wang Mu’s birthday on the Western mountain paradise of Mount Kunlun. There, they will feast on the magical peaches which ripen every 3000 years so that they, once again, can extend their longevity.

Thus, Xian travels to Kunlun where the celebration in the Queen’s palace and her enchanting gardens are held.
Will one of the mysterious guests know of a way to end her immortality or will she have to live on until eternity with her painful memories?

Forgiving and loving yourself is often the hardest, but what if it’s the only way?

This is the third stand-alone story in The Lesbian Romance Mythology Series that covers lesser known myths from all around the world, retelling and reshaping them, and giving them lesbian twists.
Just as ‘The Immortal’ is based on Chinese myth and legends, the other two novellas, ‘The Cursed’ is based on an Irish myth and ‘The Taken’ on a Native-American tale.
In total there will be around 15 books covering many cultures around the world.
Collect them all!




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