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3rd Edition, revised and edited by M. Jackson, March 2014

“A lyrical captivating fantasy with some beautiful imagery.”
–Rob Ross, author of Juggler’s Blade

“A very traditional, spiritual romantic fantasy with strong lesbian/non violence themes” 
–Matthew Graybosch, author of Without Bloodshed 

It’s time for change! In a country with a cursed justice system, two women; the mysterious Queen Artride and her loyal bodyguard Tirsa, set out on a secretive perilous quest.
They hope to find the sorceress, who might just be the only person powerful enough to be able to lift the terrible curse from their land and its people, but she lives somewhere deep within Dochas; the strange Magical Land.

Time is against Artride and Tirsa as they only have three weeks to save Tirsa’s teenage brother’s life, sentenced to hanging for a petty crime.
The women are soon drawn to each other, but can their love ever be?
Struggles and questions arise as things get increasingly more difficult: Can they trust one another and the magical creatures they meet who seem to have their own problems?
And more so; will the evil sorceress actually be willing to help them and if so… for what price?

Enter the world that is The Queen’s Curse and cling to Artride and Tirsa to experience a mind-blowing, heart gripping psychological drama where nothing is certain.

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COS kindle


2nd edition, revised and edited by B&M.Jackson and K.Johnson

“A well-paced, interesting fantasy story with a female lead who is strong, not necessarily in a physical/aggressive man’s definition of strong, but is able to deal with difficult situations intelligently, without resorting to violence. A refreshing change.” 
–Simon Wheeler, author of Happy Juice

“The author combines magic and mythology with aplomb while providing us with a unique allegory with its own distinct dialogue” 
–John R. Dizon, author

The planet Bhan. For millennia, humanity has persecuted the beautiful and mysterious human-looking comyentis with a deep set envy and hatred; driving them from their lands; murdering and enslaving them wherever they find them. Why? Comyentis have powers that humans can only dream of. They can merge their minds with animals and use their abilities for the greater good. However they had one weakness that led to their downfall.

Now, Sula, one of the last of her great and noble line, has been fleeing for her life, living in hiding for too long. With not just her own life but her whole species’ cupped precariously within her hands Sula is running out of time…
As loneliness and alienation slowly engulfs her, a young attractive human steps forth and reaches out to her…

Should Sula, who is after all half human, trust him? Can she afford not to? Will she be able to overcome her aversion to humans to save her species from extinction?

Read “Call Off The Search”, book 1 and cling to Sula as she fights for everything she holds dear: her husband, her female lover, her child, her hopes and her freedom.

Editorial reviews: “A gripping psychological drama on the inherent greed and evil of man, dooming the planet but also the realistic struggle of one woman stuck between two worlds.”

From the Author:
This series is a work of fantasy and as such, controversial points of view may be written to enhance the readers’ experience. The author’s goal has been, besides providing an enjoyable story, to make the reader think critically about the abuse man heaps on our planet and the vulnerable wildlife we share it with. Not all the views expressed necessarily reflect those of the author.
The author would like, however, to help readers realise what harmful effects we are having on our own planet and all creatures; big and small, that dwell upon it.

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Chained Freedom Coverfinal1

Edited by M. Jackson and K. Johnson

Tana Woodwolf wakes to find herself trapped within a strange land. She learns quickly from the faces of the others that this is no paradise she has been transported to; it is a prison.

Unable to escape, Tana soon discovers that a dark and malignant force is dragging her and the other prisoners, one-by-one, to unreachable higher rooms of the tower from which they never return.

If she is to ever escape from there then she will need to use all the guile and strength she has within her. Does one of the others hold the key? Or is it something else within the prison that she needs to study?
As the darkness comes nearer, a strange voice whispers;“Look and be free… You have to let go of what you know.”

Should she trust the voice? Should she trust the others? Does she even have a choice?
As despair and terror closes in around them all, only one person can discover the truth and save them…

Note from the author: This is a stand alone story that is set in between ‘Call Off The Search’ Book One and ‘Children Of The Sun’ Book Two of the Comyenti Series.

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