Pre-order Book 2 in the Comyenti Series today!

It’s finally here: the pre-order of Children Of The Sun! Release date October 13th, but available to pre-order on Amazon to be sure to get yours that day! It’s my birthday so the perfect gift from me to you (:



If you enjoyed Call Off The Search: Return to the world of the last two comyentis: Sula and Shazar and their offspring, their continuing struggles and read what happened after the shocking cliff-hanger of book 1, Call Off The Search.

Feline is still missing after her quest to confront Shazar to learn more about the mysterious Heartmerge and Sula and Felix are desperately looking for her. Will they ever find out the truth about what really happened to her and Shazar’s involvement?

When twenty years later Shazar’s human mate, Ashanna, abruptly dies he sets off to visit and reconnect with Sula. He is closely followed by Twello, his adopted human son who has his own secrets. When they enter Rosinhill they soon discover that Shazar’s iniquitous plan from twenty years ago has worked: Sula has born him a son: Aigle. And with him new hope arises and a new different future for the comyentis is about to begin…

Strenuous relationships follow with Shazar’s and Twello’s arrival which threaten the life Sula has built for Felix, herself and their children. And that is not all: there is a new danger; much worse than Shazar and one that is about to engulf the comyentis and with that their new hope.

Who are these strange shape shifting creatures and what do they want from Sula and her children? Can they stop them before it’s too late?

Who are the comyentis really, where do they come from, why are they on Bhan and what is their connection with their new found enemy?

Read Children Of The Sun, a thrilling story of secrets, family drama and fantasy adventure. 

Pre-order here:


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