New Novella Chained Freedom now available on amazon, FREE download this weekend only!

New Novella Chained Freedom now available on amazon, FREE download this weekend only!

Finally, it’s here: a story featuring Fay Comyenti; daughter of Sula and Felix from the popular first book in the Comyenti Series, ‘Call Off The Search’!

You don’t have to have read the book though to enjoy this story set in between Book One and Book Two. But hopefully the world I created will leave you wanting more (-:

And better: it’s FREE this weekend on amazon, so here is a unique chance to grab hold off. On Monday it goes back to 99 cents.
Click on the photo to go to the direct link: worldwide or UK

Synopsis: Tana Woodwolf wakes to find herself trapped within a strange land. She learns quickly from the faces of the others that this is no paradise she has been transported to; it is a prison.

Unable to escape, Tana soon discovers that a dark and malignant force is dragging her and the other prisoners, one-by-one, to unreachable higher rooms of the tower from which they never return.

If she is to ever escape from there then she will need to use all the guile and strength she has within her. Does one of the others hold the key? Or is it something else within the prison that she needs to study?
As the darkness comes nearer, a strange voice whispers;“Look and be free… You have to let go of what you know.”
Should she trust the voice? Should she trust the others? Does she even have a choice?
As despair and terror closes in around them all, only one person can discover the truth and save them…

Happy reading everyone and if you enjoyed the story please leave me a review on amazon and/or goodreads (-:


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February 21, 2014 · 2:32 pm

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